Doke, Joseph J

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(1861-1913) UK Baptist minister, frequent visitor to and finally resident of South Africa, author of the first significant study of Mahatma Gandhi, M K Gandhi: An Indian Patriot in South Africa (1909). He is of sf interest for the Reinhild sequence of Lost Race novels – The Secret City: A Romance of the Karroo (1913) and its prequel, The Queen of the Secret City (1916) – which are set in an ancient Egyptian civilization hidden in the city of Nefert in the Kalahari desert of South Africa. The second volume published, set 200 years before Nefert is discovered in the first, features the earlier amours and exploits of the Reinhild, quasi-Immortal female ruler of the kingdom, whom Doke describes as a kind of precursor of Friedrich Nietzsche. [JC]

Joseph John Doke

born Chudleigh, Devon: 5 November 1861

died near Bulawayo, South Africa: 15 August 1913






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