Donnelly, Lara Elena

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(?   -    ) US author who began to publish work of genre interest with "The Witches of Athens" in Strange Horizons for October 2013. Her first novel, Amberlough (2017), is a noir thriller set in an Alternate World whose eponymous capital City, which in some aspects resembles Weimar Berlin, is under threat from the radical right (see Politics). The Decadence of Amberlough culture does not seem threatening, and t he tale is told in a surprisingly jaunty manner. [JC]

Lara Elena Donnelly

born Yellow Springs, Ohio.



  • Amberlough (New York: Tor, 2017) [hb/Victo Ngai]
  • Armistice (New York: Tor, 2018) [hb/Vault49]
  • Amnesty (New York: Tor, 2019) [hb/Vault49]


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