Dr Shrinker

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US juvenile tv series (1976). Sid and Marty Kroft Television Productions for ABC-TV. Produced by Jack Regas. Directors included, Regas, Bob Lally, Bill Hubin. Cast includes Billy Barty, Ted Eccles, Susan Lawrence, Jeff MacKay and Jay Robinson. Sixteen 15-minute episodes. Colour.

Young Brad (Eccles), B J (Lawrence) and Gordie (MacKay) wash up after a boating accident on the isolated Island where Dr Shrinker (Robinson), a typical Mad Scientist, has perfected a Miniaturization machine; Hugo (Barty) is his aide. Using the young people as test subjects, Shrinker reduces them to six inches in height, but they escape before he can conduct further experiments on them. The remainder of the series deals with their efforts to survive the elements, animal attacks and other perils of their Great and Small predicament, and to be restored somehow to normal size. The series ended with the storyline unresolved. Dr Shrinker was aired as part of the first season of The Kroft Super Show (1976-1978), an anthology series which featured various juvenile adventure programmes – often of a fantastic nature (see Children's SF). [GSt]


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