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(?   -?   ) US author of book-length sf poem about Atlantis, Mona: Queen of Lost Atlantis: An Idyllic Re-embodiment of Long Forgotten History (1925), which traces the rise and fall of the great Island. [JC]

James L Dryden

born [author may be James Logue Dryden, a local politician in Illinois, who retired to California, where he wrote unpublished speculative books; he was born in Miami County, Ohio: 30 July 1840]

died [James Logue Dryden died in San Diego, California: 9 November 1925]


about the author

  • Henry M Eichner. Atlantean Chronicles (Alhambra, California: Fantasy Publishing Company, 1971) [nonfiction: p154: hb/Henry M Eichner]


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