Dudley, Terence

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(1919-1988) UK television director and producer, mostly for the BBC, and author of some Ties to his Doctor Who television work: Doctor Who – Black Orchid (1986), based on his 1982 script; Doctor Who – The King's Demons (1986), based on his 1983 script; and a Companions of Doctor Who tale: K9 and Company (1987), based on his 1981 script; he also wrote the four-episode story "Four to Doomsday" (1982). His television work as a producer was extensive: of sf relevance, he produced 26 episodes of Doomwatch and 32 episodes of Survivors. Along with occasional single episodes of series of interest, he directed a Doctor Who story, the four-episode "Meglos" (1980). [JC]

Terence Henry Dudley

born 28 September 1919

died 25 December 1988



Doctor Who


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