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(1925-1996) UK author and physician, born in Switzerland of Dutch parents, active under her own name and at least two pseudonyms in a variety of genres including sf novels (which she describes as "cartoons"). Claret, Sandwiches and Sin: A Cartoon (1964 as by Maxim Donne; 1966 as by Duke) depicts a world insecurely amalgamated, after a World War Three that has, in fact, spared the two Cold War superpowers, who join together to oppose the Mutant-infested rest of the world; the Satire becomes hyperbolic. Any politician who risks war is eliminated by an underground organization. The protagonist of the sequel, This Business of Bomfog: A Cartoon (1967), is, Recursively, "Maxim Donne" – author of Claret, Sandwiches and Sin, a successful novel that has inspired the assassination of a number of world leaders. In 1989, Bomfog (Brotherhood-of-Man-Fatherhood-of-God), the organization responsible, now runs the UK in a fashion Duke depicts in somewhat hectic language as Dystopian. Flashpoint (1982) features a scientist who plans to use a new nuclear power system to enforce global sanity. [JC]

Madelaine Elizabeth Duke

born Geneva, Switzerland: 21 August 1925

died 1996




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