Duniway, Abigail Scott

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(1834-1915) US newspaper editor and author, founder in 1871 of The New Northwest in Portland, Oregon, a journal which espoused Feminist causes; she continued the magazine until 1887. When the state of Oregon passed a female suffrage bill in 1912, she was asked to write the proclamation. Of her several tales, all set in the West, the book-length "'Bijah's Surprises" (2 April-26 September 1896 Pacific Empire) is a tale with Lost Race implications which depicts a Utopia where women have gained equality. [JC]

Abigail Jane Scott Duniway

born near Groveland, Illinois: 22 October 1834

died Portland, Oregon: 11 October 1915


  • "'Bijah's Surprises" (2 April-26 September 1896 Pacific Empire) [mag/]


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