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(1872-1941) UK-born traveller, editor and author, in USA from 1893, most prolific as an author of Westerns, more than half of his output of at least 1000 stories being in that category; before about 1913, he normally wrote as Allan Dunn. He also wrote as by Joseph Montague. Of sf interest are The Flower of Fate (1928), in which a Lost Race of Lemurians is discovered on an Island in the South Pacific; and The Treasure of Atlantis (December 1916 All-Around; 1970), in which Atlantis, which has been transported by something like continental drift to South America, is discovered in the midst of dynastic strife, with more than one beautiful woman erotically engaged with one or more of the visiting white explorers. A volcano cools their ardour. [JC]

Joseph Allan Elphinstone Dunn

born London: 21 January 1872

died New York: 25 March 1941

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