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Pseudonym used by UK author and publisher Philip M Dunn (1946-2007) for the original publication of his books in the UK, though he used his own name for their US release; he was also the director of Pierrot Publishing, a packaging-cum-publishing firm which became insolvent in 1981, owing large sums. Dunn was reported to have moved to India for religious reasons, but eventually returned to England. Releases generated by the company included Brian W Aldiss's Brothers of the Head (1977), Peter Dickinson's The Flight of Dragons (1979) and Harry Harrison's Great Balls of Fire! A History of Sex in Science Fiction Illustration (1977); all were heavily illustrated. Dunn wrote two Space-Opera sequences, the Steeleye books – The Coming of Steeleye (1976), Steeleye – The Wideways (1976) and Steeleye – Waterspace (1976) – and the Cabal tales – The Cabal (1978; 1981 US under his own name), The Black Moon (1978; 1982 US under his own name) and The Evangelist (1979; 1982 US under his own name). [JC]

Philip M Dunn

born Hammersmith, London: 1946

died Ilfracombe, Devon: 12 April 2007






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