Dye, Charles

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(1925-circa 1960) US author who began publishing sf with "The Last Orbit" for Amazing in February 1950. He was active for the next half-decade, soon publishing his only sf novel, Prisoner in the Skull (1952), in which ordinary Homo sapiens and a form of Superman engage in thriller-like confrontations. He was married briefly (1951-1953) to Katherine MacLean, who wrote The Man Who Staked the Stars (July 1952 Planet Stories) and "Syndrome Johnny" (July 1951 Galaxy) under his name. The latter story contains an amazingly early account of a Genetic Engineering technique (gene splicing), in which a "piggyback" virus transports genetic material (a silicon-using gene) into human cells. Dye's biography has not been definitively documented; the data given here, however, represents what seems to be a solid consensus. [JC/PN]

Charles Dudley Dye

born San Fernando, California: 12 October 1925

died circa 1960



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