Easterbrook, Neil

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(1957-    ) US critic, academic, editorial consultant for Science Fiction Studies since 2002, member of the editorial advisory board for Extrapolation since 2008, of the Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts since 2009 and of Science Fiction Film and Television since 2010.

Easterbrook's reviews have appeared in Science Fiction Studies, the SFRA Review (see SFRA Newsletter) and Extrapolation. His scholarly work covers a broad spectrum of subject matter from modernist and postmodernist writers such as William Carlos Williams and Italo Calvino, genre and author studies related to Cyberpunk, Politics in science fiction and numerous articles on specific works and authors in edited collections such as The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy Themes (2005 3vols) edited by Gary Westfahl, Fifty Key Figures in Science Fiction (anth 2009) edited by Sherryl Vint, Andrew M Butler, Adam Roberts, and Mark Bould, and Science Fiction Across Media: Adaptation/Novelization (anth 2013) edited by I Q Hunter and Thomas Van Parys. Easterbrook's criticism is marked by an engagement with the philosophical concepts and ideas in literature. In 2009 he was awarded the SFRA's Pioneer Award for his paper "Giving an Account of Oneself: Ethics, Alterity, Air" (Summer 2008 Extrapolation). A monograph on China Miéville for the Masters of Modern Science Fiction series, published by the University of Texas Press, was projected for publication in 2014 but has yet to appear. [CPa]

Neil Easterbrook

born 22 February 1957




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