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(1955-    ) US author and executive for television projects, and author who began to publish work of genre interest with "Timerider" for Amazing in March 1986; her Ivory sequence – comprising The Gate of Ivory (1989), Two-Bit Heroes (1992) and Guilt-Edged Ivory (1992), all three assembled as The Complete Ivory (omni 2001) – unusually presents a set of essentially independent tales, some of them fantasy, joined together by various kinds of proximity, and by the Planetary Romance setting provided by the planet Ivory. As by Jane Emerson, Egan wrote City of Diamond (1996), a Space Opera featuring World Ships in conflict. Egan's television work has been various, two engagements being of sf interest: she was executive story editor for Dark Angel in 2000-2001, writing four episodes during her stint; and during her 2001-2002 stint as coproducer of Smallville (2001-2011) in 2001-2002, she contributed two episodes to that programme. [JC]

Doris Mary Egan

born New Jersey: 1955





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