Elder, Joseph

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(?1933-    ) US anthologist who edited The Farthest Reaches: 12 Never-Before-Published Tales of Intergalactic Space (anth 1968) and Eros in Orbit: A Collection of All New Science Fiction Stories about Sex (anth 1973) (see Sex). Contributors to The Farthest Reaches were of generally high calibre, including Brian W Aldiss with "The Worm that Flies", Poul Anderson with "Kyrie" (see Black Holes), J G Ballard, John Brunner, Terry Carr (with "The Dance of the Changer and the Three"), Arthur C Clarke, Robert Silverberg (who appeared in both anthologies), Norman Spinrad and Jack Vance. [DRL]

Joseph F Elder

born Hartford, Connecticut: 15 December 1933 [tentative identification]




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