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(1958-    ) US author whose first novel Sleipnir (1994) is a fantasy in which a modern GI intervenes in the world of Norse Gods and Mythology as Ragnarok looms. With Robert Asprin, Evans co-wrote the Time Scout sequence of Time Travel adventures beginning with Time Scout (1995), in which accidentally formed Time Gates (or Wormholes) provide access to past eras which time scouts must check for lurking danger before organized tourism can begin. Her second solo novel Far Edge of Darkness (1996) is also of sf interest: its protagonist, a archaeology student working on her PhD, undergoes a Timeslip from modern Italy to ancient Rome and – along with two other similarly displaced persons – a new life of Slavery; the cliffhanger ending demands a sequel which, reportedly for health reasons, has never appeared. Contributions to the Bolo Shared World created by Keith LaumerMilitary SF dominated by AI cybertanks – include the novel-length "Though Hell Should Bar the Way" that occupies most of Bolos: Cold Steel (anth 2002) edited by Bill Fawcett, The Road to Damascus (New York: Baen Books, 2005) with John Ringo, and several shorter tales. The Hell Parallel-World sequence beginning with Hell's Gate (2006) and Hell Hath No Fury (2007), both with David Weber, is discussed in the latter's entry. [DRL]

Linda Ellen Evans

born USA: 6 December 1958




Time Scout



individual titles

works as editor

  • The Triumphant (New York: Baen Books, 1995) with David Weber [anth: tie to the Bolo universe: Keith Laumer: pb/Paul Alexander]


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