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US low-paying downloadable Online Magazine of Speculative Fiction, edited by D Ash (known as Dash) of Drums, Pennsylvania, and produced by J Cady (known as Jacie). Published monthly, with occasional gaps, since October 2008. The magazine's stated mission is "to increase diversity in the field of speculative fiction" and provide a venue "so that under-represented minorities who tend to be represented unrealistically or negatively in most speculative fiction may speak out in their own voice." The first issue contained a few reprinted items, by way of examples, including Joe Haldeman's "Angel of Light" (December 2005 Cosmos), set in a future where Islam and Christianity have merged, and Claude Lalumière's "Njàbò" (Fall 2003 On Spec), more of a fable than sf, telling of a time after all elephants have become extinct. Since then the majority of fiction has been new, including a number of first-time sales, and with a growing number of world-wide contributors. This includes several well known writers notably Lavie Tidhar, whose own voice for the wider recognition of international sf has been prevalent across the internet and in books and anthologies. He first appeared with "The Sun Diary" (February 2009). Others include Aliette de Bodard, Malon Edwards and Cat Rambo. There has been a noticeable input of writers either from India or of Indian descent, and a steady increase of stories from Africa and the Arab world. The December 2010 issue was devoted to interviews with Muslim/Arab authors. The magazine's website has a useful index by topic so it is easy to identify authors or subjects in any given category and thus widen an awareness of individual concerns. It also has an active webzine community. Expanded Horizons is the most vocal of magazines that over the years have attempted to widen the understanding of and provide a regular and reliable market for under-represented individuals and nationalities. [MA]


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