Fagan, Jenni

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(1977-    ) Scottish poet and author whose second novel, The Sunlight Pilgrims (2016), perhaps rather eccentrically applies the topos of Climate Change to explain a very Near-Future planet-wide onslaught of savage cold (see Scientific Errors), though this oddness might be alleviated, given that the tale is set in an isolated community in the north of Scotland, as the probable failure of the Gulf Stream might well cause the temperature to drop (if not to plummet). The core of the tale – the growing intimacy among the three protagonists: a young man from the south; a savvy woman he falls in love with; and her daughter, who is deep into the ordeal of transitioning without proper medical assistance (see Transgender SF) – is intensely laid down as the End of the World, which may be imminent, seems closer by the day. [JC]

Jenni Fagan

born Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland: 1977


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