Fairman, Henry Clay

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(1848-1899) US lawyer, editor and author whose Lost World novel, The Third World: A Tale of Love and Strange Adventure (21 April-October [or later] 1894 The Sunny South; 1895) oddly (though crudely) prefigures Dan Simmons's The Terror (2007) in depicting the rescue by an Eskimo of the last survivor of the John Franklin expedition (circa 1850), who then finds a 150 mile passage into a Hollow Earth enclave directly under the North Pole, whose inhabitants are advanced, though they suffer (as usual) under a monarchy, and where he becomes involved with a highborn maiden. Less usually – the novel in fact advocates female suffrage (see Feminism; Women in SF) – he remains there. [JC]

Henry Clay Fairman

born Copiah County, Mississippi: 1848

died Atlanta, Georgia: 6 October 1899



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