Fass, Myron

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(1926-2006) US comics artist – active from 1948 to the mid-1950s – highly prolific magazine publisher since the 1950s, and editor. He published many Comics – principally as Eerie Publications (which see) 1966-1981 and M F Enterprises (which see) 1966-1967, the latter responsible for a version of Captain Marvel – and many magazines in multiple genres, both fiction and nonfiction (including several UFO/Pseudoscience productions), some edited by himself. Of his weird-fiction and Media Magazine titles, the following are given entries in this encyclopedia: 3-D Monsters (published as by Fair Publishing Limited), Frankenstein Classic (as Modern Day Periodicals), Movie Monsters (as Eerie Publications), Screen Monsters (as SJ Publications Incorporated), Shock Tales (as "M.F. Ent." several years before the formal launch of M F Enterprises), Space Wars (as Stories, Layouts & Press), Space Wars Heroes (ditto), Star Battles (ditto), Star Encounters (ditto), Star Warp (ditto), Suspense Tales (as Suspense Publications Inc) and Thriller (as Tempest Publications, one of his earliest and most used imprints). Fass himself was billed as editor of Shock Tales and Thriller, and may also have edited further titles listed above which had no named editor. [DRL]

Myron Fass

born New York: 29 March 1926

died Fort Lauderdale, Florida: 14 September 2006


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