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(1955-    ) US author whose first story, "Meanwhile on the Planet Vatican" for Free Inquiry in Fall 1999, feeds directly into his Galactic Rapture sequence comprising Galactic Rapture (2000) and Nothing Sacred (2004), a moderately conventional Space Opera universe, in which a galaxy-spanning Forerunner race called the Harvesters has seeded life everywhere (see Panspermia); aeons later, the Galactic Confetory attempts to monitor the clashing growth demands of innumerable descendant civilizations through Enclaves which "protect" slow-to-develop races from predatory neighbours (see Uplift); but the humans of Earth, not being properly programmed with deficient genes, escape Enclave not to conquer but to entertain: our ability to infiltrate other cultures allows us to treat other civilizations in terms of spectator sport. Flynn's Satire is sometimes very sharp; but as the sequence progresses, and various Christian Religions compete for lebensraum across the galaxy, the tone darkens markedly. The second volume, a kind of Rake's Progress featuring the adventures of an Earth boy among the vulnerable (and not so vulnerable), is also savage. The duology was repackaged and possibly revised as The Messiah Game trilogy, starting with The Messiah Game: A Comedy of Terrors – Part 1 (2012). [JC]

Thomas W Flynn

born 18 August 1955




Galactic Rapture

  • Galactic Rapture (Amherst, New York: Prometheus Books, 2000) [Galactic Rapture: pb/Michael Carroll]
  • Nothing Sacred (Amherst, New York: Prometheus Books, 2004) [Galactic Rapture: pb/Michael Carroll]

The Messiah Game


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