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(1939-    ) US author, primarily for television; she was associated from the beginning with Star Trek, initially as Gene Roddenberry's secretary, eventually as the story editor of the first series, for which Vulcan's Glory (1989) in the series of novelizations; at least two of her scripts, Star Trek: "This Side of Paradise" (1966 chap) and Star Trek: "Journey to Babel" (1967 chap), have received limited release. Fontana also wrote scripts for Star Trek: The Next Generation and for some minor offshoots of the main series. At least one character in the overall Star Trek universe – K C Hunter in Deep Space Nine – was apparently based on her. She was later involved with the two television series The Fantastic Journey and Logan's Run. The Questor Tapes (1974) is based on a series pilot written by Gene Roddenberry and Gene L Coon, who created Star Trek, and released as The Questor Tapes. It tells of the creation of an Android who eventually plans to combat evil in secret. The pilot did not lead to a series. Fontana has written a number of television episodes in addition to her work as a story editor. [JC]

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Dorothy Catherine Fontana

born Sussex, New Jersey: 25 March 1939




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