Fox, Mary

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(1798-1864) UK author, an illegitimate daughter of King William IV (1765-1837); Richard Whately (1787-1863), the Archbishop of Dublin, may have written most of the Proto SF novel initially attributed mainly to her. Account of an Expedition (Planned and Conducted by Mr H Sibthorpe) to the Interior of New Holland (1837; rev vt The Southlanders: An Account of an Expedition to the Interior of New Holland 1860), neither edition credited on title page, depicts a journey into the heart of the Australian outback, where an expedition discovers a Lost Race of European extraction, which has created a complex Utopia in benign collaboration with the aboriginal population. [JC]

Lady Mary Fox

born Teddington, Middlesex: 19 December 1798

died 13 July 1864



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