Frith, Henry

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(1840-1910) Irish-born civil engineer, translator and author, in England from early adulthood; mostly known for his translations from the French, at least six being of novels by Jules Verne, beginning with Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea (trans 1876). He is credited with a short story of sf interest, "The Balloon of the Future" (May 1885 Cassell's Family Magazine) (see Balloons), and an adaptation, which may be loose, of a tale by Lucien Biart (1829-1897), possibly (but not probably) published initially in Dutch as Unac de Indiaan (1883); it is more likely to be a version of La Frontière indienne (1880) in Biart's Les Voyages Involontaires sequence, published by Jules Hetzel in association with Verne's Voyages Extraordinaires. Frith's translation or version, Unac the Indian: A Tale of Central America (1884), is a juvenile Lost Race tale whose young protagonists discover the eponymous survivor of the Toltecs deep in Mexico. [JC]

Henry Frith

born Dublin, Ireland: 1840

died ?London: 1910


works as translator


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