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US Original-Anthology series published by Bantam Books since 1988, created by Lou Aronica, five issues: Full Spectrum (anth 1988), edited by Aronica with Shawna McCarthy; #2 (anth 1989), edited by Aronica with Pat Lobrutto, McCarthy and Amy Stout #3 (anth 1991) and #4 (anth 1993), edited by Aronica with Betsy Mitchell and Stout; and #5 (anth 1995) edited by Jennifer Hershey, Tom Dupree and Janna Silverstein. These were fat, prestigious volumes – an unusual publishing ploy at a time when conventional wisdom says sf Anthologies sell badly – presumably designed to publicize the Bantam Spectra sf line and to announce that Bantam remained a leader in the sf market. Their only major award-winner was "Bible Stories for Adults, No. 17: The Deluge" (1988 #1) by James Morrow, which won a Nebula, though Michael Swanwick won the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award for "The Edge of the World" (1989 #2) and a high count of Full Spectrum stories have been shortlisted for awards. Full Spectrum itself won a Locus Award for Best Anthology for volumes #1 and #3 and the World Fantasy Award for volume #4. Full Spectrum publishes a fairly high proportion of "literary" stories and a low proportion of Hard SF, and mixes well-known authors with promising unknowns. Further stories of note include "Journals of the Plague Years" (1989 #1) by Norman Spinrad, "Voices of the Kill" (1989 #1) by Thomas M Disch, "Black Glass" by Karen Joy Fowler (1991 #3), "Daughter Earth" (1991 #3) by James Morrow, "Division by Zero" (1991 #3) by Ted Chiang, "Matter's End" (1991 #3) by Gregory Benford, "The Story So Far" (1993 #4) by Martha Soukup and "The Ziggurat" (1995 #5) by Gene Wolfe. [PN/MA]

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