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US professional Digest magazine, also available in ebook form, published by UFO Publishing, Brooklyn, New York, and edited by Alex Shvartsman. There was an advance issue #0 dated May 2018 which was all-reprint, but from December 2018 it became a regular quarterly magazine devoted primarily to international sf, either reprinted and translated from non-US sources or stories drawing upon the cultures of other countries. Shvartsman had reached an agreement with the Chinese publisher Future Affairs Administration to provide translations of Chinese stories whilst Shvartsman undertook translations of Russian stories. The magazine soon attracted material from other countries. All of the fiction, such as "SisiMumu" by Nigerian writer Walter Dinjos in the first issue, and "Waking in the Cold Dark" by Lü Momu in the third issue, demonstrate that technological Hard SF is available from around the world. Issue #9 (December 2020) was a special East Asia issue. After the first four issues, Shvartsman lost the sponsorship from China, and although this was subsequently renegotiated it meant that issues #5 to #8 were available only as ebooks. [MA]


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