Futurian, The

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UK Fanzine (1938-1940), edited from Leeds by J Michael Rosenblum. A continuation of the Leeds Science Fiction League's Bulletin (1937), The Futurian was a small printed publication featuring fiction, poems and articles by leading sf fans of the day, including Arthur C Clarke, Ralph Milne Farley, John Russell Fearn, David H Keller, Frederik Pohl and William F Temple. Other important pre-World War Two UK fanzines were John Christopher's The Fantast, Jonathan Burke's and Charles Eric Maine's Satellite, Douglas W F Mayer's Tomorrow (official quarterly journal of the Science Fiction Association, incorporating Walter Gillings's Scientifiction) and Maurice K Hanson's Novae Terrae (later New Worlds). As Futurian War Digest, Rosenblum's fanzine became a focal point for UK fandom during the World War Two years when sf and amateur publishing faced considerable difficulties. It was revived as The New Futurian 1954-1958. [PR]

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