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(1965-    ) UK-born sf editor and critic, in South Africa from 1970, who has written for various journals including Interzone, Locus – where he had regular review columns 2001-2008 – The New York Review of Science Fiction and SF Site. He has been an editor for the Yorkshire-based Small Press PS Publishing since 2002 and edits its regular magazine/Anthology Postscripts [which see for magazine details] – as coeditor with Peter Crowther to #30/31 and solo thereafter. Gevers has also edited a number of other genre anthologies, beginning with Infinity Plus One (anth 2001) and Infinity Plus Two (anth 2003), both edited with Keith Brooke as a spinoff of the latter's Infinity Plus website. His first solo Original Anthology was the Steampunk showcase Extraordinary Engines: The Definitive Steampunk Anthology (anth 2008), and further titles followed, mostly co-edited, including Is Anybody Out There? (anth 2010) with Marty Halpern, which interestingly takes the Fermi Paradox as its theme, and the very strong Extrasolar (anth 2017), mostly containing tales set on planets beyond our solar system (see Life on Other Worlds). [DRL]

Nick Gevers

born Oxford, Oxfordshire: 1965


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Anthology sequence continuing its numbering from the SF Magazine incarnation of Postscripts.

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