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(1962-    ) Canadian archaeologist and author, partly resident in the UK, of whose novels Atlantis (2005) is of sf interest, as the rediscovered Atlantis proves to contain secrets of ancient science of planetary importance, and likely to cause a Holocaust, a threat dealt with in The Last Gospel (2008) and The Gods of Atlantis (2011). Crusader Gold (2006), a singleton, unabashedly owes much to Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones films, though it is more soberly argued. [JC]

David Gibbins

born Saskatoon, Sakatchewan: 1962




Jack Howard/Atlantis

  • Atlantis (London: Hodder Headline, 2005) [Jack Howard/Atlantis: hb/Lee Gibbons]
  • The Last Gospel (London: Hodder Headline, 2008) [Jack Howard/Atlantis: hb/Jim Zuckerman]
    • The Lost Tomb (New York: Hodder, 2008) [vt of the above: Jack Howard/Atlantis: hb/]
  • The Tiger Warrior (London: Hodder Headline, 2009) [Jack Howard/Atlantis: hb/]
  • The Mask of Troy (London: Hodder Headline, 2010) [Jack Howard/Atlantis: hb/]
  • The Gods of Atlantis (London: Hodder Headline, 2011) [Jack Howard/Atlantis: hb/]
    • Atlantis God (New York: Hodder, 2012) [vt of the above: Jack Howard/Atlantis: pb/Mike Brian]
  • Pharoah (London: Hodder Headline, 2013) [Jack Howard/Atlantis: hb/]
  • Pyramid (London: Hodder Headline, 2016) [Jack Howard/Atlantis: pb/Mike Bryan]

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