Girl with Something Extra, The

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US tv series (1973-1974). Screen Gems Productions for NBC-TV. Created by Bernard Slade. Directors included Herman Hoffman, Richard Kinon. Writers included Slade, Lou Derman, Bill Dunn. Cast includes John Davidson, Sally Field, Terri Garr and Henry Jones. 22 30-minute episodes. Colour.

The Girl with Something Extra was a sitcom series featuring Field as Sally Burton, a young woman with powerful ESP abilities; this was her follow-up to the fantasy sitcom The Flying Nun (1967-1970). The episodes revolve around the awkward situations into which Sally's mind-reading Psi Power invariably gets her and her husband John (Davidson). This series resembled the long-running fantasy sitcom Bewitched (1964-1972) rather more than The Flying Nun. Despite starring the popular Field, it was cancelled after only one season. A novelization is The Girl With Something Extra (1974) by Paul W Fairman. [GSt]


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