Godfrey, Daniel

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(?   -    ) UK author whose New Pompeii sequence, comprising New Pompeii (2016) and Empire of Time (2017), complicatedly but with verve unpacks a Time Travel plot involving the transportation of the inhabitants of Pompeii into a Keep-like duplication of the old City in Near Future central Asia. Echoes of the Lost Race novel can be found, but are sidelined by Technothriller plotting, with expected revelations about conspiracies. The corporation at the heart of the project proves to have inimical intentions, and the time-controlling Novus Particles engine is perhaps being used to multiply possible worlds. [JC]

Daniel Godfrey




  • New Pompeii (New York: Titan Books, 2016) [New Pompeii: pb/uncredited]
  • Empire of Time (New York: Titan Books, 2017) [New Pompeii: pb/uncredited]


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