Green, Roger Lancelyn

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(1918-1987) UK author, scholar, critic and translator (from classical Greek), with a special interest in Fantasy. Among his many works those most relevant to sf studies are those about his university tutor, C S Lewis: C.S. Lewis (1963) and C.S. Lewis: A Biography (1974) with Walter Hooper (1931-    ), for which he was awarded the Mythopoeic Scholarship Award in 1975. He was a member of the Inklings group. Into Other Worlds: Space-Flight in Fiction, from Lucian to Lewis (1957) is one of the earlier books on sf, but is primarily pitched at a rather anecdotal and trivial level. His Andrew Lang (1946) throws light on an author whose relationship to sf has been almost forgotten (see Andrew Lang); a later study, Andrew Lang (1962 chap), is less thorough. Green's allegorical and old-fashioned fantasy, From the World's End (1948), is about visionary dreams in an old house. The Land Beyond the North (1958) carries Jason and the Argonauts ultimately to a sacrifice at Stonehenge. [PN]

see also: Proto SF.

Roger Gilbert Lancelyn Green

born Norwich, Norfolk: 2 November 1918

died Poulton Lancelyn, Cheshire: 8 October 1987

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