Gresswell, Elise Kay

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Working name of Elizabeth Gresswell (1877-1944), née Kay, UK author whose Near Future Utopia, When Yvonne Was Dictator (1935), concerns the election of the eighteen-year-old Yvonne initially as prime minister of the UK at a time of Economic disaster, and then, because of the power of her personality, as dictator (see Politics). In order to stem the mass suicide of those without work, she establishes a socialist regime where Overpopulation is controlled, a prefiguration of the National Health Service is instituted, Religion sidelined, and universal equality for women (see Feminism; Women in SF) established. The birth rate soon falls; the world recovers. [JC]

Elizabeth Kay Gresswell

born 1877

died Southport, Lancashire: 18 March 1944



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