Grove, Frederick Philip

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(1879-1948) German-born Canadian author born Felix Paul Greve, adopting the name by which he is known after his arrival in Canada in 1912. He established an initial German reputation in the early 1900s as a poet; his later work, seemingly written and certainly first published in English, includes realistic novels, rural studies and the sf Satire Consider Her Ways (written 1913-1923; 1947), which presents the notes of an amateur scientist in Telepathic contact with three ants, members of an exploratory team from South America. Their comments on the nature of Man and human society are pointed, and the picture of ant society is remarkably detailed. The novel has never received due attention. [JC]

see also: Canada.

Frederick Philip Grove

born Radomno, Germany: 14 February 1879

died Simcoe, Ontario: 19 August 1948



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