Guthrie, Kenneth Sylvan

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(1871-1940) Scottish-born Episcopalian priest, academic, teacher, translator and author, in US from 1913. His sf novel, A Romance of Two Centuries: A Tale of the Year 2025 (1919), takes its Sleeper Awakes protagonist from World War One, where he has been infected with sleeping sickness, to the year 2025, where he is partially cured of his illness, finds himself the heir to a huge but disputed fortune, and spends much of his time touring the new world, discovering Inventions galore, absolute equality between the sexes (see Feminism), compulsory participation in elections and other social endeavours, and a world government. In the end, the sense of the text is strongly weighted to Utopia. [JC]

Kenneth Sylvan Launfal Guthrie

born Dundee, Scotland: 22 July 1871

died Keansburg, New Jersey: 17 March 1940



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