Hammer Horror

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UK letter-size saddle-stapled Cinema magazine printed on middle-grade paper. One Special Collector's Edition in 1994 followed by seven monthly issues March to September 1995. Publisher: Marvel UK. Editor: Marcus Hearn.

This short-lived title was an unofficial follow-up to the magazine The House of Hammer, with somewhat more emphasis on scholarly film research. Starting life with the now rare Special Edition which provided a complete overview of the Hammer Films studio, the monthly publication was a handsome package. Notables covered included directors Freddie Francis, Val Guest and Don Sharp, plus author Nigel Kneale. The careers of less well-known performers such as Susan Denberg and Mike Raven were examined, as was that of frequent Hammer stunt performer Eddie Powell. Following Marvel Comics' financial difficulties at this time, another publisher took over the UK Marvel UK operations; this new regime's lack of interest in most of the magazines led to Hammer Horror's premature termination. [GSt]

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