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(1913-1992) US teacher, mechanical engineer and author, who published at least one item as Flossie Hardart during her short writing career. Her name has sometimes been given in error as Frank E Hardart. One of a relatively small number of female fans before World War Two (see Fandom; History of SF), she began to publish work of genre interest with "The Devil's Pocket" in Astonishing Stories for June 1940, a Space Opera tale set on a Spaceship whose crew is manipulated by Aliens who inhabit human corpses. She soon became inactive (see Feminism; Women SF Writers), the rest of her career focusing on her work as an engineer, a profession she also taught at various universities. [JC]

Flossie E Hardart

born Akron, Ohio: circa 13 May 1913

died San Lorenzo, California: 4 April 1992


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