Hartmann, William K

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(1939-    ) US astronomer, painter and author mostly of nonfiction like The Grand Tour: A Travelers Guide to the Solar System (1981; rev 1993; rev 2005) with Ron Miller, Out of the Cradle: Exploring the Frontiers Beyond Earth (graph 1984) with Pamela Lee and Ron Miller, and In the Stream of Stars: The Soviet/American Space Art Book (graph 1990) with Ron Miller, Vitaly Myagkov and Andrei Solokov.

Hartmann began publishing work of genre interest with "Handprints on the Moon" (in The Planets, anth 1985, ed Byron Preiss); in his sf novel, Mars Underground (1997), a Scientist on Mars disappears Underground, where he discovers signs of an ancient Martian civilization. The planet itself is soberly and realistically depicted. [JC/DRL]

William Kenneth Hartmann

born New Kennington, Pennsylvania: 6 June 1939


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