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(?   -?   ) US author whose Sleeper Awakes novel, The First American King (1904), carries two protagonists – the more important being a brilliant inventor – by Suspended Animation to the America of 1975. They find it to be a Ruritanian empire assaulted from within by Federated Nihilists, who eventually take power and establish – in singularly unstrict accordance with their name – a benevolent welfare state. Rather unusually, Hastings approves, and the novel ends peacefully. It is not known for sure (but seems unlikely) if this author is the John Gordon Hastings who – after the death of his wife, the widow of Frank Tousey, on their honeymoon – came controversially to own the Frank Tousey Publishing Company, famous for its Dime Novels, after 1906. For some further details, see Ingersoll Lockwood. [JC]

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