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Pseudonym of German soldier and author Robert Knauss (1892-1955), who served in both World War One and World War Two, rising to the rank of Lieutenant-General, and whose nonfiction works focused on aviation matters. Of sf interest is Luftkrieg 1936: Die Zertrümmerun von Paris (1932; trans Claud W Sykes as The War in the Air, 1936 1932; German original rev vt Luftkrieg 1938: Die Zertrümmerun von Paris 1934), a Future War tale in which the British and the French are on opposing sides; after a lightning surprise attack by air on Paris, Britain wins. [JC]

Robert Knauss

born Stuttgart, Germany: 14 June 1892

died Ronco sopra Ascona, Ticino, Switzerland: 14 February 1955



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