Hervey, Michael

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(1915-1979) UK author who moved to Australia in 1951; born Mark Hockman but known as Mark Hoffman until he changed his name by deed poll to Michael Hervey in 1942. He is the author of an estimated 3500 short stories in various genres. His sf work is minor; it includes a Utopia, Strange Hunger (1946), in which the Federated States must defend themselves against evil Slavonia, and The Silver Death (1945? chap), about a German Poison gas which turns victims silver; some of the stories assembled in The Queer-Looking Box (coll 1944 chap), Murder Medley (coll 1945 chap), Horror Medley (coll 1946 chap) and Creeps Medley (coll 1946 chap) are sf and fantasy. [SH]

Michael Hervey

born London: 1915 [the author habitually gave false birth dates such as 11 October 1920]

died 1979



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