Hillyer, Robert

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(1895-1961) US poet who would not wish to be most remembered for his vehement opposition to the granting of the first Bollingen Prize in 1949 to Ezra Pound, on the grounds of modernism and treachery; he is of sf interest for a book-length poem, The Death of Captain Nemo: A Narrative Poem (1949 chap), which tells the story of the Jules Verne Antihero and ends with his death in 1945. Some of Verne's proto-noirish fascination with Nemo as a Faustian character is washed out in Hillyer's rendering. [JC]

Robert Silliman Hillyer

born East Orange, New Jersey: 3 June 1895

died Wilmington, Delaware: 24 December 1961



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