Hinton, Craig

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(1964-2006) UK scriptwriter and author, of most interest for his work on various parts of the Doctor Who universe; he was a noted fan writer of reviews and other work connected to that universe. His Doctor Who Ties include Doctor Who: The Missing Adventures: The Crystal Bucephalus (1994), Doctor Who: The Missing Adventures: Millennial Rites (1995), Doctor Who: The New Adventures: GodEngine (1996), Doctor Who: The Quantum Archangel (2001) and Doctor Who: Synthespians (2004). [JC]

Craig Paul Alexander Hinton

born London: 7 May 1964

died London: 3 December 2006



Doctor Who: The Missing Adventures

Doctor Who: The New Adventures

Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor

  • Time's Champion (no place given: no publisher known, 2008) with Chris McKeon [tie to Doctor Who: completed by McKeon after Craig Hinton's death, with proceeds to charity: Doctor Who: Sixth Doctors: pb/]


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