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Pseudonym of a Canadian author (?   -    ) whose legal name, under which she has published academic nonfiction, has not been revealed; she began to release work of genre interest with "The Chartreuse Monster" in Expanded Horizons for July 2010. Monsters in My Mind (coll 2017) assembles this tale, along with nearly fifty additional stories, the collection comprising most of her work in short forms, most of it fantastic but with little sf. Her first novel, The Outside (2019), set several centuries hence in a universe governed by AIs, features a tough female protagonist scientist (see Feminism; Women in SF) who must battle her own autism and draconian laws which prohibit Technological innovations. Her new Power Source explodes, opening the doors to an Invasion from "Outside". [JC]

"Ada Hoffmann"




collections and stories

  • Monsters in My Mind (Fort Worth, Texas: Autonomous Press/NeuroQueer Books, 2017) [coll: pb/Chris Henry]


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