Hunter, Bluebell Matilda

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Working name of Matilda Angela Antonia Hunter (1877-1960), a UK businesswoman – her turn-of-the-century typewriting bureau serviced William Butler Yeats and other writers – and author who published under various names. Those identified include George Lancing and John Guildford. Books of sf interest include Infamous Conduct (1934) as by George Lancing, a Near Future tale dealing with dilemmas in medical ethics as medicine advances; Fraudulent Conversion: A Romance of the Gold Standard (1935) as by George Lancing, a Satire in which a being from another Dimension gives a Professor the power to generate gold sovereigns at will; and The Death Cat (circa 1935) as by John Guildford, which is fantasy. [JC]

Matilda Angela Antonia Hunter (née Williams)

born London: 1877

died London: 5 July 1960



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