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German Print Magazine published in English and described as "The Magazine of International Science Fiction". It was edited by Ronald M Hahn, Olaf G Hilscher and Michael K Iwoleit and was an offshoot of their German magazine Nova (see Germany). It survived for just one issue, Spring 2005, and ceased due to poor sales. A neat, perfect-bound review-size edition of 204 pages, the magazine presented stories from ten countries: Argentina, Brazil, China, Croatia, England, Germany, India, Israel, Italy and South Africa. Most stories were seeing their first English translation, though they had appeared in their country of origin some years before, but three of the stories were new, "Her Destiny" by Guy Hasson, "Let's Talk About Death, Baby" by Sven Klöpping and "The Tetrahedron" by Vanada Singh. There was an article by Lavie Tidhar on science fiction in China, and another by Richard Kunzman on the need to broaden the horizons of sf. Brian W Aldiss provided an encouraging editorial. The fact that the magazine was not supported emphasizes the parochial nature of much English-language sf. [MA]

see also: Orphia.


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