Island of Terror

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Film (1966; vt Night of the Silicates). Planet/Universal. Directed by Terence Fisher. Written by Alan Ramsen, Edward Andrew Mann. Cast includes Eddie Byrne, Peter Cushing, Carole Gray and Edward Judd. 89 minutes. Colour.

This is one of the three films with sf themes made for Planet by Terence Fisher, best known for his Horror movies – of which this, despite its sf trappings, is one. (The others are The Earth Dies Screaming [1964] and Night of the Big Heat [1967].) Giant mutated viruses, the product of cancer research gone wrong, get loose on a small Island and kill their victims by sucking their bones out of their bodies. There are some well-choreographed shocks. As the monsters, which look like animated piles of porridge, can move only slowly, it is unclear how they overtake their prey. [JB/PN]


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