It Came from Beneath the Sea

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Film (1955). Clover/Columbia. Produced by Charles H Schneer. Directed by Robert Gordon. Written by George Worthing Yates, Hal Smith, based on a story by Yates. Cast includes Donald Curtis, Faith Domergue and Kenneth Tobey. 77 minutes. Black and white.

In this Monster Movie a giant octopus is affected by atomic radiation – as so often in the genre – and goes on a destructive rampage, attacking San Francisco and demolishing various landmarks, including the Golden Gate Bridge, before being destroyed by an atomic torpedo. The film, unimportant in itself, marks the beginning of the long partnership between producer Schneer and special-effects supervisor Ray Harryhausen, who was limited here by the small budget: his animated octopus, for instance, has only six tentacles. [JB/PN]


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