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Film (1966). Rath/Lopert. Directed by Kevin Brownlow, Andrew Mollo. Written by Brownlow, Mollo. Cast includes Honor Fehrson, Fiona Leland, Pauline Murray and Sebastian Shaw. 99 minutes, cut to 93 minutes. Black and white.

Alternate-History stories are rare in sf cinema. This UK film is an exception; it shows what might have happened had Nazi Germany successfully invaded the UK (see Hitler Wins). Shot in a realistic, documentary-like style, it is a remarkable achievement when one takes into account that it is virtually an amateur film, made over a period of years by Brownlow and Mollo working mainly at weekends and using nonprofessional talent. Its release date, 1966, is three years later than the copyright date. Sadly, it was never widely shown. [JB]

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