Jackman, Stuart

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(1922-2002) UK author whose work hovers, somewhat uneasily, between sf and Fantasy (see his entry in The Encyclopedia of Fantasy). His Christ Cycle – comprising The Davidson Affair (1966), Slingshot (1974) and The Burning Men (1976) – combines the two modes: as it deals with matters like the resurrection in a fantasy mode, while using Time Travel to transport his reconfigured Jesus into the modern world, where he becomes something somewhat akin to a terrorist. Death Wish (1998) is set in an Alternate History rendering of a dominant modern Rome, in which a psychiatrist becomes entangled with a mysterious Jewish religious figure. [JC]

Stuart Brooke Jackman

born Prestwich, Lancashire: 29 June 1922

died Cambridge, Cambridgeshire: 2002



Christ Cycle

individual titles

  • Death Wish (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Lion Publishing, 1998) [hb/Melanie Barnes]


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