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Ziff-Davis House Name used 1942-1958 in Amazing, Fantastic Adventures and Fantastic for over 45 stories, primarily by Robert Moore Williams, who used the name as a personal pseudonym until the 1950s, when Robert Bloch, Paul W Fairman, Harlan Ellison, Robert Silverberg and Henry Slesar also wrote as Jarvis. Bloch was the most frequent identified user of the byline in the 1950s, with seven appearances; many more "Jarvis" stories remain unidentified. Biddy and the Silver Man (February 1957 Fantastic; 2020 dos) was long misattributed to Harlan Ellison, even on his own website; but his company The Kilimanjaro Corporation announced in January 2020 that he had confirmed before his death that the story was not his. [JC/DRL]


collections and stories

  • The Metal Monster (Rialto, California: Pulp Tales Press, 2017) [coll: authorship not established: hb/]
    • The Metal Monster (Medford, Oregon: Armchair Fiction, 2017) [dos: title story only from the above: pb/]


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