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(?   -    ) Canadian archaeologist and author, active in fan fiction (see Fandom) from 2002; she has specialized in Young Adult work from her first series, the Dragon Slayer of Trondheim sequence beginning with The Story of Owen (2014) and the Thousand Nights sequence beginning with A Thousand Nights (2015), which retells material from the Nights [for Arabian Fantasy see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below]. Though not explicitly YA, her contributions to the Star Wars Universe beginning with Ahsoka (2014), which focus where appropriate in this context on gender issues, convey a similar appeal.

Johnston is of sf interest for her second singleton, That Inevitable Victorian Thing (2017), set in an Alternate History world where a British monarchy has preserved itself through some judicious Exogamy, leading to a same-sex romance in clement Ontario, though genetic complications intervene.[JC]

Emily Kate Johnston





Dragon Slayer of Trondheim

A Thousand Nights

  • A Thousand Nights (New York: Disney Hyperion, 2015) [Thousand Nights: hb/Peter Strain]
  • Spindle (New York: Disney Hyperion, 2016) [Thousand Nights: hb/Peter Strain]

Star Wars Universe

  • Ahsoka (Glendale, California: Disney Lucasfilm Press, 2016) [tie to the Star Wars Universe: Star Wars: hb/Wojtek Fus]
  • Queen's Shadow (Glendale, California: Disney Lucasfilm Press, 2019) [tie to the Star Wars Universe: Star Wars: hb/Tara Phillips]
  • Queen's Peril (Glendale, California: Disney Lucasfilm Press, 2020) [tie to the Star Wars Universe: Star Wars: hb/]

individual titles


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